Kayak tour explores waters of Green Bay

Kayak instructor Matt Kriese paddles in the waters of Green Bay

GREEN BAY - A kayak excursion on the waters of Green Bay is giving paddlers a chance to check out the scenery and learn a little bit about the environment.

Brown County Parks is offering tours all summer long.

Sean Ebert and his family hit the water in kayaks for the first time.

"We just wanted for our boys to experience out in a kayak, kind of wanted to enjoy it. It's one of the quieter sports. We all enjoy nature," said Ebert of Oconto.

Geri Mleziva kayaked years ago. Now she's back at it.

"Thought it would be a great opportunity to give it a try. In a safe environment with guides, and see the area," said Mleziva of Green Bay.

Brown County Assistant Parks Director Matt Kriese is one of the guides. This trip is designed for eight people to enjoy nature, and see the progress of projects like the Highway 41 project.

"We're going to be seeing that first hand. That's a big change with the flyover there," Kriese.

Kayakers will also view environmental projects like the restoration of the Cat Island Chain.

"They've put in the rock wall and that's where our dredge spoils are going to go. So it's over 200 acres of land that's going to be created in the next 20 to 30 years, which is going to be beneficial to the wildlife in the area," said Kriese.

Those on the tour say seeing the progress from the seat of a kayak may be the best way to go.

"To me it's quietness of it, kind of the silent sport. Sensing, and seeing the wildlife around and nature, being out there, being on the water of course, it's just beautiful," said Mleziva.

"Just to see if it's something as a family that we would want to pursue a little bit more, I guess," said Ebert.

And as the group bobs in the waters of the bay, Kriese says the two-mile trip back to shore will leave an impact on the paddlers in more ways than one.

"You might be a little bit sore, you might find some muscles that you didn't know existed in the morning," said Kriese.

The Brown County Parks Department is offering kayak tours throughout the summer. For more information click here.