Fans embrace Nelson as softball game headliner

Packers players sit in the dugout for the Jordy Nelson Charity Softball Game.

GRAND CHUTE - This might be Jordy Nelson's first year headlining the Packers charity softball game, but it's a team tradition that goes back about two decades.

It has fans coming back year after year to Fox Cities Stadium in Grand Chute.

When it's the Packers in Northeast Wisconsin, it’s never hard to get people through the gates.

“It's awesome,” said Dylan Hayes of Kaukauna.

“Right now, it's a little bit cheaper and it's fun for the entire family,” said Tyrell White of Appleton.

For fans, it's a welcomed break from the team's long off season.

“Getting to see all the players do something fun and I play softball so I like watching it,” said Sierra Bauer of Hartford.

For the past six years, Donald Driver headlined the event. Fans were happy when another Packers wide receiver stepped up to the plate.

“I like it,” said Bauer. “It's cool to see somebody new doing it.”

“I think he's a good player to host the game,” said Jordan Loose of Kaukauna.

“Donald was an excellent mentor for him,” said Tim Bauer of Hartford. “Jordy, I think he's going to do an excellent job.”

Number 87 says it was an easy decision when he was asked to lead the event.

“It's an honor,” said Nelson. “He texted me the other day and I replied. He told me good luck, have fun. I was like thanks, it's an honor to take it over.”

Some of the big names like Rodgers and Matthews didn't join Nelson for the game, but the fans didn't seem to mind.

“I mean we showed up here a little before 10 and they're already tailgating and waiting in line to get in the stadium. It's a blast and we really enjoy it and I think the fans do too,” said Nelson.

Before Nelson and Driver, Brett Favre and George Teague were among other players who hosted the softball game.