Jake's Pizza returns, sets up shop in Broadway District

Jake's Pizza returns, sets up shop in Green Bay's Broadway District. A grand opening is set for Tues., Sept. 2 at 4:00 p.m.

GREEN BAY – What some call a "pizza institution" of more than 40 years has returned to Green Bay.

Jake's Pizza is set to re-open for business on Tuesday in the downtown Broadway District, ready to whet the appetites of pizza lovers, yet again.

"It was the - that was the place to go,” said Amanda Novitski of Greenleaf. “It’s just delicious.”

"It was always good pizza – you never had to wonder what it was going to be," said Ron Gossen of De Pere.

But that delicious pizza had a 45 minute wait time that turned some away.

"We realized how long you had to wait and we weren't smart enough to order ahead of time," recalled Pat Vanden Avond of Green Bay.

But if you try and call ahead to 1149 Main Street now, you're unlikely to reach anyone.

It's been nearly two years since Jake's Pizza closed on Main Street. But earlier this year, two sisters with restaurant experience saw that as a problem. Now they – and the restaurant’s namesake, Jake – are bringing the pizza pies back to life on South Broadway Street.

"He actually tried to talk us out of it the first few times," Cara Sanders recalled of the phone calls, early on, with Ronald Jacobson – aka Jake.

Sanders and her sister, Brook, weren't taking no for an answer. However, they wanted to ensure Jake gave them his blessing – and his recipes.

He did. Jake even decided to come back on to help the venture, as well as some former employees.

Restaurant opens Tuesday

On this Labor Day, it’s actually a day of labor for Cara as she preps for the restaurant's Tuesday opening, mixing batches of pizza dough. Not a shred of doubt in her mind it will get used.

The sisters say it has been difficult to turn people away during the several soft openings over the last two weeks. Many with the same question: is this incarnation the same Jake's?

"The only thing that's changed about Jake's Pizza is the location," said Brook.

Same name, same pizza – same 45 minute wait, so call ahead.

What to know if you go

Opens Tuesday, Sept. 2 at 4:00 p.m.

Normal Hours: Tues.-Sun.: 4 p.m. to Close (Kitchen Closes at 10:00 p.m.)

No Reservations, No Delivery, Calling Ahead Suggested

Dine-In or Carry-Out, Frozen Pizzas Available

Address: 112 S Broadway, Green Bay, WI