Hwy. 441 expansion plan includes diverging diamond

Diverging diamond interchange drawing (Wisconsin DOT)

The Highway 441 expansion plan includes a new interchange design for the area. It's called a diverging diamond.

The diverging diamond will be located at the interchange at Highway 441 and Oneida Street in Menasha.

It features two directions of traffic on Oneida Street that temporarily cross over, so drivers are on the left side of the road before crossing back.

That allows for free flowing turns when entering and exiting Highway 441.

Drivers in this design no longer have to cross opposing traffic to make a left turn.

The concept is designed to move a high volume of traffic without increasing the number of lanes and traffic signals.

"When you see it from the street level perspective it's really no different than approaching any other intersection. You'll just basically stop at the stop signal, you'll get into the lane the sign and pavement markings indicate for you to be in which will be very much the same you'd otherwise be in,” said project manager Scott Ebel.

The diverging diamond interchange has been used in other states with great success. DOT officials say it is quicker for motorists, cheaper to build, and overall safer for drivers and pedestrians.