Home of the burger holds 26th Annual Burger Fest


SEYMOUR - The Home of the Hamburger beefed-up for the 26th Annual Burger Fest.

Around 20 thousand people came out to Seymour, to enjoy what the town is best known for.

There was a parade, a burger eating contest, and also a car show.

The festival celebrates "the birth of the burger," which Seymour claims happened in the town in the late 1800s.

Jim Campbell, representing Hamburger Charlie, said the festival has provided residents with more than just a delicious meal.

"First of all it's community pride, because it's the birthplace." Campbell said. "It also draws attention to the city itself, bringing people in, which helps our economy as well."

More than 14 billion hamburgers are eaten in the U-S each year.

Despite claims from other states like New York, Connecticut, Texas and Oklahoma, Seymour has claimed to be the home of the hamburger for 129 years.