Brewers' Hank the Dog meets with fans at Fox Cities Stadium

The unofficial mascot of the Brewers, Hank the dog, seen here on his visit to the Fox Cities Stadium in Grand Chute, June 1, 2014. (WLUK/Gabrielle Mays)

GRAND CHUTE - When you think of baseball, food, spending time with friends, and watching the players on the field might come to mind.

But Sunday's Timber Rattlers game had fans wanting something else.

"He's cute and he's sweet," said Teagann Bondroli.

"He's just adorable," said Kathy Anderson.

Fans had their camera phones ready to take pictures with Hank.

He was once a stray dog who wandered into the Milwaukee Brewers' spring training facility a few months ago.

Now Hank the Dog is a part of the team.

He's also known as the unofficial mascot of the Brewers.

One by one, fans snapped up photos with the very popular pooch.

"I just wanted to hug him," said Gail Malott.

Some even got an extra surprise.

"I took a picture with him and he licked me," said Ben Grill.

Hank isn't shy and his part time owner says he really brings more meaning to the team.

"It doesn't take a pope or a president to pull people together. It's that little magic ingredient," said Ron Schreier.

Schreier likes to call himself Hank's grand-dog-parent. That's because his daughter is a vice president with the Milwaukee Brewers.

"Hank lives with our daughter," Schreier said.

Schreier says when Hank isn't at home or at Miller Park, he enjoys spending time with his fans.

"He loves people," Schreier said.

The meet and greet kept Holly Ehrfurth and her son Kayin Escalera smiling.

"I liked it because he's just really cute," said Escalera.

"I think it was pretty awesome. It was very exciting to meet Hank," said Ehrfurth.

Like any celebrity, Hank needed a few breaks.

Luckily his water bowl with ice was nearby.

Hank even spent some time out on the field and the other mascots didn't seem to mind having him around.

Hank couldn't stick around for the opening pitch because the pup needed to get ready for his next round of pictures with fans.