Volunteer group provides free Easter meals for those in need

"We Care Meals" provides free Easter meals, and a little company for those in need, Sunday, April 16th 2017. (WLUK)

APPLETON (WLUK) -- A heartfelt hello, and a hot plate of food, it's what brought 68-year-old Lasi Hudson of Appleton, to "We Care Meals" annual Easter celebration at the Capitol Centre.

"Things like this help me push on that way I can go further," said Hudson.

"We Care Meals" is a volunteer program, through the Menasha Goodwill.

The program provides free meals, and a little company for those during the holidays.

Ed Rathsack is the event organizer.

"If you've ever been away from home on a holiday, it can be lonely, a lot of older people really experience loneliness during the holidays," he said.

He adds, this year there are more than 200 volunteers.

The program also works to reach inside the homes of those, who couldn't make it to the event.

"We do the home delivery for those who can't get out, but every home delivery has the opportunity to have someone stop, and have a meal with them," continued Rathsack.

From the ones receiving the meals to those who are volunteering, they say they wouldn't want to spend the holiday any other way.

"It's wonderful, you really get a lot more back than you give," said David Springhatti of Menasha.

Sunday marked his first time volunteering for We Care Meals.

When asked what inspired the gesture he replied, "It just comes from the heart."

As he sits across the table from Hudson, a friendly smile, and conversation has him grateful for another day.

"Holidays for me are just another day that I can thank God, that I'm here and being here," said Hudson.

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