Prosecutors believe Brown County cocaine ring was family operation

L-R, James Allen, Joshua Cook, Charles Howard. (Brown Co. Jail)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- The three men, who prosecutors call top tier dealers in a busted Brown County cocaine ring, appeared in court for the first time Friday afternoon.

11 of the 15 people arrested in Tuesday's bust have now been in court, although, no one has been charged yet.

“They are trying to make it like it's a cartel, which it really isn't,” said James Allen Sr, the father of three men arrested.

Allen's sons, Charles Howard and James Allen, along with his nephew, Joshua Cook, are the accused ringleaders of the cocaine operation.

Prosecutors say the trio was part of the majority of the 43 controlled cocaine purchases informants made from June through January. Over that time, prosecutors say Howard sold informants more than two ounces of cocaine.

“The defendant involved much of his family in this organization: brothers, sons, nephews, as well as acquaintances,” said Caleb Saunders, an assistant district attorney for Brown County.

One family member that prosecutors say had a smaller role is Jamelle Howard. They say he provided his brother, Charles, a ride to a drug deal.

“The CI was having conversations with the defendant while Charles Howard cooked and transferred powder cocaine into crack cocaine in the residence, again Jamelle Howard arrived at the residence with Charles Howard,” said Saunders.

“He hasn't done anything, but work,” said Allen Sr. “I feel that is a travesty. They are about to make him lose his job for giving his brother a ride.”

Allen Sr. believes many of the arrested are being wrongly accused by association. He says that includes his sons' girlfriends, who appeared in court Wednesday.

“They were simply at home with their guys,” said Allen Sr. “So that makes them party to a crime?”

Formal charges are expected to be filed in the investigation by the end of the month.

Charles Howard was issued a $250,000 cash bond.

The cash bonds for Allen and Cook are $150,000.

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