Green Bay Police: Three burglary suspects stole to fuel meth habit

L-R: Dominic Lucht, Jordan Murdock and Tyler Wilhelm (Photos courtesy Brown Co. Jail, Green Bay Police Dept.)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Police say some expensive methamphetamine addictions led three teenagers on a spree of armed burglaries in the last few days.

The teens are accused of stealing $100,000 in property in less than six days, including 11 guns and three vehicles.

19-year-old Tyler Wilhelm and 18-year-old Dominic Lucht were arrested after a brief standoff at a home on the corner of 12th and 3rd streets on the city’s west side Tuesday evening.

17-year-old Jordan Murdock's father turned him in at the police department Wednesday night.

Besides the vehicles and guns, police say the teens are also responsible for stealing $60,000 worth of tools and dozens of purses.

“You have to steal a lot of tool sets to get $1,200 worth of money on the black market to buy methamphetamine,” said Chief Andrew Smith of the Green Bay Police Department.

Police say they've recovered about 80 percent of the stolen property, with some being in Oconto and Shawano Counties.

“When you see the amount of tools they took in hopes of feeding their addiction, its overwhelming,” said Lt. Rick Belanger of the Green Bay Police Department. “It's absolutely, disturbingly, overwhelming.”

Police have tied the trio to at least ten incidents. They say the teens broke into vehicles at UW-Green Bay and NWTC, burglarized two businesses on Velp Avenue and two homes on the west side, including an apartment building unit on 9th Street.

In court, Detective Taylor Clark said the 9th Street victim knows the suspects and became suspicious when they showed up at his work. Once they left his work, the victim used his phone to check the live feed of his home video surveillance system.

“When he did that he observed Tyler entering his room and stealing a gun, two safes, approximately $2,000 in marijuana,” said Clark. “While this was occurring there were two other males with Tyler in the bedroom.”

Wilhelm, Lucht, and Murdock were later identified as the men in the video.

“They're like all friends,” said Brianna King, a former classmate of teens at Green Bay Southwest High School. “I know Dominic and Jordan like used to work together and they used to like fix bikes and stuff, but they never did drugs. I know they never did until recent.”

The teens are due back in court next week when formal charges are expected to be filed.

All three teens are being held on $25,000 cash bonds.

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