Mayor Schmitt asks residents to market city on social media

Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt presents his 14th state of the city address on April 12, 2017. (WLUK)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt has a homework assignment for his constituents.

At his State of the City address, Schmitt asked residents to spread reasons why people should consider Green Bay as their permanent home.

“So often people come here and they're like, 'wow I didn't know you had this,' be it the City Deck or Bay Beach or affordable housing,” said Schmitt.

Schmitt wants people to spread their Green Bay stories on social media. His goal is the messages will help sell the city to young professionals.

Right now, Schmitt says experts project Green Bay to grow at a rate of less than one percent a year. He believes residents marketing the city on social media could help double the projections.

“I just think we need to talk about that more and I think if we do, slowly but surely we're going to recruit some talent and more importantly retain the talent we have,” said Schmitt.

“I think Mayor Schmitt is right on with that,” said Andrea Tobias, program manager of Current Young Professionals for Greater Green Bay Chamber of Commerce. “We need to get excited about our community and young professionals have to talk about their community. It's a great way to showcase what we have in our area.

Tobias says economic development projects like the Titletown District and Shipyard proposal are examples of what young professionals are looking for.

“Young professionals are looking for activities,” said Tobias. “They are looking for fun and they are looking for a great way to connect with their community.”

Next week, Sunday the 23rd is the start of young professionals' week in Wisconsin. In Green Bay there will be 10 events that Tobias says provide plenty of shareable moments on social media.

“Young professionals want to be present in their communities and make their presence known and one of the great ways to do that is to showcase ourselves and talk about different issues that are taking place that young professionals are passionate about,” said Tobias.

Schmitt says he sees plenty of opportunities.

“Minneapolis is doing well, so I don't want to hear about the weather,” said Schmitt. “Our education system is very, very strong and I don't think we sell that enough along with a lot of the amenities here in the city.”

Schmitt hopes residents will talk about it all online. If not, he says word-of-mouth will do the trick as well.

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