Interstate 43 construction underway in Brown County

Road construction begins on Interstate 43 in Brown County March 20, 2017. (WLUK/Eric Peterson)

BROWN COUNTY (WLUK) -- Lane closures and traffic delays are expected in the coming months as road construction projects ramp up on Wisconsin's roadways.

That includes Interstate 43.

It's part of a summer-long stretch of work, running from Sheboygan County to Highway 172 in the Green Bay area.

On I-43 north of Denmark, a sea of orange stretched over the highway's horizon Monday morning. In Brown County, 10.6 miles of traffic will squeeze into one lane in each direction.

"We'll be doing a lot of concrete patching on the main line, and on the ramps, and when we're done with patching, we'll be milling two inches of asphalt, and then paving four inches of asphalt over the top," said Brian Haen, Department of Transportation Project Manager.

The County MM bridge deck, which connects I-43 to Highway 29 east will be replaced.

"You won't be able to cross until we build the bridge back," said Haen.

On the east side of the interstate, Dino Store Team Leader Monty Jensen says business was a little slow.

"The bridge is going to be down, about 62-65 days. It will affect our, we won't get any traffic going south on the bridge, but we will get it coming north,". Monty Jensen, Dino Stop Team Leader.

The D.O.T. estimates about 15-20,000 vehicles travel on that part of Interstate 43 in Brown County each day.

And the D.O.T. has some safety advice for those traveling through construction zones. They say drivers need to pay attention, and more.

"Things can happen so quickly in a construction zone. So, no talking, no texting, no speeding. No distractions whatsoever," said Mark Kantola, Department of Transportation.

Kantola says drivers should see more law enforcement too.

"If they pull you over, you will get a ticket. You won't get a warning. And obviously everybody knows tickets double in work zones. Fines double in the work zone," he said.

Meanwhile Monty Jensen says there is a bright side.

"We are getting to meet a lot of new interesting customers coming in from the construction zone. That's always a positive," he said.

There are more closures on I-43 planned from the Green Bay area, south, to Sheboygan County.

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