Travel ban leaves International students at UWGB uncertain about future

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- President Donald Trump's executive order currently banning refugees and immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries, has put many on alert.

Brent Blahnik, Director of International Education at University of Wisconsin Green Bay, says he's already seen that firsthand.

"We're getting some questions from students about is this going to impact my ability to work after I graduate," explained Blahnik.

There are currently no international students on VISA at UWGB who are affected by the ban, but several international students say it's an unsettling time.

Students like Amr Dahroug of Eygpt, "It's not a part of what's going on, but if you look at a map, Egypt is basically surrounded by all the countries that got banned, it's not a good signal."

Dahroug says he chose to study in the U.S. because of its core values: the right for liberty, justice and freedom for all.

"So that fact is you're stripping rights away, which is one step backwards," he continued.

Blahnik says the details in what will be the short term and long term effects of the ban is what has many students worried.

"It's just happening so quickly that it's catching all of our students off guard and that's where the uncertainty is," continued Blahnik.

He says the changes have had some even second guessing an education in the U.S., "One student called the university and said, 'I don't think I'll be able to study there because even though I'm not from any of those affected countries, I'm Muslim.'"

As for people like Dahroug, "America is definitely a multi-ethic, multi-cultural, multi religions country."

St. Nobert College, UW-Oshkosh, and Lawrence University officials say they currently do not have any students who are affected by the ban.

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