Green Bay Police mounted patrol unit calls new stable home

The Green Bay Police Department's mounted patrol unit settles in at their new home, Exceptional Equestrians in Hobart, March 14, 2017. (WLUK)

HOBART (WLUK) -- The Green Bay Police Department unloaded its two Mounted Patrol horses at their home.

"We're going to be hanging on to these horses through the end of November," said Lt. Dave Wesely, Supervisor of the Mounted Patrol Unit.

The horses, Little Joe and Casey, will be boarded at Exceptional Equestrians in Hobart.

The stable is a non-profit organization that uses horses as therapy for those with disabilities.

Lisa Kafka, Executive Director at the center, says it was a good fit for both organizations, "We also provide services for at-risk youth children with special needs. I thought what a great opportunity to combine those mission and work together."

Wesely says the horses were previously being boarded in Denmark, "This was just a decision because it's heated, it's indoor, it's a non-profit, it's closer. We see potential for growth to be much more here."

Wesely says another goal with new collaboration is to have Little Joe and Casey potentially work as therapy horses at the center, "When we aren't using Casey, Little Joe, they're going to see if they can use our horses to help the kids they rehabilitate and work with here," he explained.

"I'm really hoping it will help interest the community in both our programs, because they're so important, "said Kafka.

The department says the horses will be used on the job from May through November.

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