Gov. Walker says budget agreement in the near future

The Wisconsin State Capitol, picture taken on June 6, 2017 (WLUK/Dave Duchan)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) It's looking likely lawmakers will miss the June 30th budget deadline, after the state's budget writing committee decided not to meet this week.

"The good thing with Wisconsin is if we don't get the budget done, it's not like anything shuts down the funding still continues at the prior levels," said State. Rep. Mike Rohrkaste, R-Neenah.

Rohrkaste is on the budget committee, he talked with FOX 11 earlier this week and explained the potential long-term consequences of missing the deadline.

"The increases that the education was planning for, the pay increases that are part of the budget, those would obviously be delayed. And also some transportation funding could be delayed down the road, not right away, but down the road, so yes, eventually it could be a problem," said Rohrkaste.

"If it's a few weeks, if it's a month, these things happen. They happen quiet regularly in a lot of state actually," explained UW-Green Bay Political Science professor David Helpap.

Helpap said Wisconsin's budget could be in worse shape, he points to other states like Illinois, which has been operating without a budget for two years.

"Where universities weren't getting money, agencies weren't getting money, you had people not getting benefits," said Helpap.

Helpap added one difference between Illinois and Wisconsin is party control.

"One party controls all levels of government in Wisconsin right now,so theoretically this should not be a terribly difficult process." he said.

At an event in Green Bay, Governor Walker said he was confident a budget agreement will be reached within the next week.

"Unlike years ago, when you had a split legislature where it went into the fall, which I certainly don't anticipate, because there were major differences between the Assembly and the Senate when it was two different parties. Here we agree on things, it's just a question of degree," explained Walker.

An agreement that Democrats on the Joint Finance Committee say they hope comes soon.

"I'm hopeful that there will be something done by mid-July, but I don't really know. some of things are complicated and people are dug in and we'll see and hopefully we'll get together and get the best thing done for the people," Gordon Hintz told FOX 11 earlier this week.

The Joint Finance Committee could meet next Tuesday.

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