Task force recommends building two new schools on Green Bay's east side

Task force recommends building two new schools on Green Bay's east side. (WLUK/Dave Duchan)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Crowded classroom like the ones at Baird Elementary could soon see relief.

On Monday, a community-led task force at the Green Bay school board meeting laid out the solutions it believes could help ease overcrowding in the Green Bay Area School District.

The task force was appointed by the school board two months ago to address facility needs in the district.

"If I can use the word critical issue, that is the overcrowding on the east side, and then there are a variety of strategies to deal with that,” said task force co-chair Tim Weyenberg.

Weyenberg said the task force is recommending the district build two new facilities on the east side -- a new K-8 school and a new high school.

"Preble is crowded, as is Baird, and both of those schools need some relief in some way. So, if new facilities are the answer then we're recommending they go ahead and do that," explained Weyenberg.

Along with new facilities, the task force is recommending the district look at changing the school boundary lines.

"The timing of those facilities and the place that they're built all really depend on what they do with the boundaries, if they want to do anything,” added Weyenberg.

“Those were all things that the board has been considering, but we needed to hear from some other people what some priorities are,” said school board vice president Katie Maloney.

Maloney added before the board decides which direction to move in, it'll have to look at cost.

"As we go forward and consider a referendum we need to take that in to account, how much are we willing to spend in a referendum," said Maloney.

The decision on cost won't happen until after an architect’s report on the December 19th. Then the board has another month to decide whether or not to have a referendum.

For more information on the task force or its recommendations click here.

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