Green Bay police to conduct Operation Frogger

File photo (WLUK/Chris Bourassa)

GREEN BAY - To promote pedestrian safety, the Green Bay Police Department is running their safety program, Operation Frogger, on August 27th.

Operation Frogger is an educational and enforcement project designed to make drivers aware that pedestrians have the right of way if they are in the crosswalk.

A Green Bay police officer will be at the intersection of E. Mason Street and Hartung Street from 4 to 6 p.m. to see if motorists obey the law and yield to them. Anyone who does not yield will be stopped and given a written warning or citation.

In the last two years, Operation Frogger has issued 39 citations and several warnings on Green Bay's east side. Depending on the type of violation, fines can run from just under $100 to $150.

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