Green Bay Police investigate drive-by shooting

Green Bay Police found nine bullet holes in the side of an apartment unit on Bellevue Street.

GREEN BAY - Green Bay Police say they got a late start this morning investigating a drive-by shooting on the city’s east side.

They say it’s because neighbors near the corner of Bellevue and Amy Streets didn’t call them right away, thinking they heard fireworks instead of gunshots.

Katie Dubick says people were lighting off fireworks in the neighborhood all weekend, so she didn't think much when she heard something similar Sunday night.

“If you've ever heard firecrackers going off, that snap, snap,snap, only it was louder than a snap, but it didn't really sound like a gunshot to me,” said Dubick.

Like several of her neighbors, Dubick didn't find out she was hearing gunshots until the next morning when police were all over the neighborhood.

“I've been around gunshots probably a lot more than some people, but even if I'm not sure sometimes if I'm hearing fireworks or gunshots,” said Captain Bill Galvin with the Green Bay Police Department.

Galvin says if residents would have called police right away, they would have had a better chance at finding who is responsible for putting nine bullet holes in the side of an apartment unit.

“Unfortunately getting the initial call over eight hours after the incident kind of hampers our efforts, our ability to investigate the incident,” said Galvin.

Police were called when a man found bullet holes in his walls. Officers say the man also told them he thought he was hearing fireworks.

“We don't know if he was the focus, if it was someone got a wrong address, or they were looking for a different apartment. We're not sure what the motive was yet,” said Galvin.

Police say they'll continue to investigate.

As for Dubick, she says she is happy no one was hurt and that her family was already planning to move out of the neighborhood.

“We've even had the doors locked now as we're packing just because I'm scared,” said Dubick.