Green Bay celebrates Go Skateboarding Day

Mario Ricketts celebrating Go Skateboarding Day at Joannes Park in Green Bay.

GREEN BAY -  The city of Green Bay is celebrating Go Skateboarding Day.

It's meant to bring awareness to the growing action sport.

Andrew Glaspy's been skateboarding for about a decade.

"Everything about skateboarding is great," said Glaspy.

Glaspy says even though the city is celebrating Go Skateboarding Day at Joannes Skate Park, he's on his board every single day.

"You really have to work at it. I'm still not good at it yet," Glaspy said.

He also enjoys the feeling of freedom while on his board.

"You can do whatever you want. There's no coach telling you what to do and there's no set practice time. It's whenever you want to do it and you can skate all day," Glaspy said.

The event started out slow because of rain. Water can cause a skateboard to warp and damage the bearings.

Despite the rain, Mario Ricketts is celebrating skateboarding's official holiday.

"It's the fun and excitement," said Ricketts.

Go Skateboarding Day was founded by the International Association of Skateboard Companies 11 years ago.

Green Bay's Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department is hosting the event. Organizers say the event brings awareness to the skateboarding culture.

"It really caters to our young people here in the community. It's something positive for them to do, get out and be active, and we really support those types of initiatives," said Jeremy Crees, Green Bay's recreation supervisor.

Glaspy and Ricketts say even though skateboarding takes a lot of practice, it's worth it.

"That's what I like about it, you have to keep working at it," Glaspy said.

"I just try to keep my consistency, my speed, and everything. If I just keep trying and going for it I may land it," said Ricketts said.