GO-EDC will work to create jobs in Oshkosh area

Welder at Jay Manufacturing

OSHKOSH - A new Oshkosh-based organization is trying to be a link between government and private businesses. It's called the Greater Oshkosh Economic Development Corporation, or GO-EDC.

The organization's board is made up of about 23 Oshkosh-area government leaders, education officials and business people. They will be tasked with creating jobs and diversifying the job market. Two particularly important moves in the wake of hundreds of layoffs from Oshkosh defense.

Jay Manufacturing in Oshkosh is looking to hire. President Matt Jameson told FOX 11 his company isn't alone. He said the government and private sector need to work together to fill those positions with the right people.

"What government can do, is they can create an atmosphere for entrepreneurship, but it really takes entrepreneurs and business people to make the economy go," Jameson explained.

So Jameson joined the board for the Greater Oshkosh Economic Development Corporation. He told us there are a lot of organizations working to make the economy strong in the Oshkosh area and GO-EDC will help.

"We have a lot of ors in the water, really strong oars. If all those oars pull in the same direction, there's nothing we can't accomplish in this town," said Jameson.

"They all do a good job, but a lot of times they work in silos and do their own thing. Our organization is bringing all those organizations together, along with private industry," added GO-EDC Chair Bill Wyman.

GO-EDC's goal is to create on thousand new jobs over three years.

"Our goal is we'll work with businesses and those businesses will hire 1,00 people," Wyman explained.

Wyman stressed these will be "family-supporting" jobs.

"More than just minimum wage and in all sorts of industry," he said.

Wyman told us GO-EDC will assess businesses' needs for hiring new employees. He said the organization will also work to bring new businesses to the area.

"To be diverse, if one industry starts to hurt, the other ones make up for it," Wyman explained.

Jameson told us it all starts with filling empty positions.

"If people are employed, if people are making a good wage, stores come, businesses come, dining comes, all that kind of good stuff," he said.

The GO-EDC board plans to start the hiring process for a CEO in January.

The organization will apply for state and federal grants to help reach its goals.