Fox Crossing officer attacked

File photo (WLUK/Gabrielle Mays)

FOX CROSSING (WLUK) -- Coming from a nearby yard Tuesday, Al Horneck heard a Fox Crossing officer calling for help.

"We heard him hollering on his speaker, that he needed assistance," said Horneck, a neighbor.

Jason Weber, with the Fox Crossing Police Department, says the officer was involved in a scuffle with a 17-year-old.

Weber says the officer was called to the home just after six, "It was actually a second-hand call for a verbal disturbance at 1195 Bartlein Court, so we sent one officer."

Weber says the teen was arguing with his mom's friend who was at the home, "Auguring with a woman who lives there about some dog issues, we don't know what it was, something to do with a dog"

Authorities say after fearing for her life, the woman locked herself inside of a bedroom.

"He actually busted through the door, and went in and attacked that lady, strangling her almost to the point that she was going to pass out," explained Weber.

Weber says around that time is when their officer arrived.

He says after warning the teen several times, the officer attempted to put him into handcuffs, which is when the situation escalated, "Hitting the officer in the face, head, jaw he was struck numerous times."

The officer was able to take the teen into custody, thanks to the help of nearby neighbors.

"The officer was bleeding. My other neighbor came over to help the officer," explained Horneck.

He says he is glad no one was seriously hurt, "It's a very nice neighborhood, all the people are very nice."

The teen has not yet been charged. He expected to be in court Thursday afternoon.

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