Yellow paint spill in FdL serves as reminder for public to be careful with runoff

A yellow substance is leaking into the Fond du Lac River, May 11, 2017. (Photo courtesy of Fond du Lac Fire)

FOND DU LAC (WLUK) -- When it comes to taking care of the waterways in the state, there are lessons to be learned from this paint spill in Fond du Lac.

Thursday, around 30 gallons ended up in the Fond du Lac River.

It flowed from the county's highway department, into the sewer drain, and into the river.

One day after gallons of yellow paint flooded into the Fond du Lac river...

Officials are saying everyone should be extra careful when it comes to dealing with their own runoff.

Autumn Fisher, the City of Fond du Lac's wastewater superintendent, said, "Just be mindful of the waterways. It's a resource that we have that not a lot of people do. We've got beautiful lakes and rivers in this area, protecting the water is extremely important."

Fisher says crews that responded to the paint spill pumped the paint-contaminated water to the city's wastewater facility for treatment.

"There was no impact to water quality or public health," she said.

The fire department says that the paint that came from the highway department's garage flowed from about a mile away into the river.

Jim Knowles, a Fond du Lac Fire Dept. Captain, said, "This could have caused pretty extensive damage to the water system through the Fond du Lac river, and potentially out to Lake Winnebago."

Fisher says if you have any chemical products you need to get rid of, she and other officials can help you dispose of it properly.

"If there's any questions or concerns, we offer drop-off for chemicals and household cleaning products," Fisher said.

Knowles said, "This time of year, you see a lot of bulky waste pickup, a lot of people are engaging in their spring clean-up."

Being careful can be a big help to many aspects of the environment.

Fisher said, "Just to relieve the impact and avoid polluting the waterways."

These officials say if you're not sure where your materials will be ending up, don't dump them there.

The Fond du Lac County Highway Commissioner said the paint that spilled was organic and not harmful to the environment.

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