Fond du Lac Yacht Club reopens after crew clears away ice shoves

FOND DU LAC (WLUK) -- The view of the Fond Du Lac Yacht Club shoreline Friday morning, a much different scene by Friday night.

"We've had ice shoves, but nothing like this," said Jim Meisinger, with the Fond du Lac Yacht Club.

Winter Storm Donna's gusty winds shoved ice covering Lake Winnebago onto the shoreline; it piled up against the building.

"The whole side of the wall was completely engulfed in ice," said Tom Clausen, a board member at the Yacht Club.

The ice shoves were so severe the Yacht Club closed until the necessary equipment arrived to deal with the ice.

Clausen was there when it happened, "Someone came flying in saying evacuate."

He says in matter of 10 minutes it was all over, but the sounds and sights of the phenomenon were like no other.

"Take a 10-pound bag of ice, put it in, drop it down, think of all the weight here. It was just incredible, flowing like lava," explained Clausen.

The views from inside the building as well, "I looked in the kitchen window and the ice cube blocks were out against the window, but it didn't break."

Officials at the Yacht Club say it took two and a half hours clearing this ice, that was as high as the building's roof.

"When I saw it this morning, I thought it was amazing that we still have a building." said Meisinger.

He says they've had ice shoves in the past, but nothing like this, "We've had the ice come up onto our sidewalk, but never anything like this up onto the roof of the building."

Winter Storm Donna has pasted through the area now, but Clausen says its lingering effects won't be forgotten, "It was amazing."

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