Corned beef gets the green light this holiday

Corned Beef Dinner from O'Marro's Public House on March 17, 2017 (WLUK/Mike Moon)

OSHKOSH (WLUK) -- Today we're celebrating the St. Patrick's Day Holiday, which means a traditional corned beef dinner for a lot of people.

But it's also a Lenten Friday, which means a fish dinner for Christians who pledge to give up meat for Lent.

For Catholics, however, there was a compromise from the Bishop.

At O'Marro's Public House in Oshkosh, St. Patrick's Day is an all out bash, complete with a full blown Irish menu.

"We are not a full restaurant. So we do food here twice a year and we pull out family and friends and they help!" explained co-owner Shawn O'Marro.

One of the most popular plates is the corned beef dinner.

"Got two for later. I can't even eat it all, but I'm taking it home!" exclaimed diner Rose Rowland.

"So why'd you get corned beef today?" asked Alex Ronallo

"It's Irish! I've eaten it since I was a kid!" Rowland responded.

And luckily for Catholic revelers, even though it's a Lenten Friday, the beef is not off limits. The Bishop of the Green Bay Catholic Diocese, David Ricken, gave his permission.

"Gave us an exemption for tonight. So everything was good," said diner Bob Sobojinski.

The Catholics we spoke to were very happy. They were not in the mood for a fish fry tonight.

"I think that's awesome! Thank you, bless you!" exclaimed Rowland.

"I had a Reuben!" said Penny Sikora.

"Oh, I had to, I had to. Brandy makes an excellent corned beef and cabbage and that's all. I've gotta come down for that," Sobojinski told us.

The O'Marros appreciate the Bishop's decision too.

"We've actually sold a lot more of the corned beef dinners than normal because of that," said Brandy O'Marro, the other co-owner of the pub.

Some of these diners are planning to make up for their indulgence.

"Maybe I'll eat fish tomorrow!" said Sikora.

The O'Marros said, however, in the end the food you eat on this holiday is not the most important part.

"Food is to make you feel better and to make sure that you're feeling well and can sit for awhile. The beer is the show. The IRISH beer is the show," Brandy explained.

The bishop also advised Catholics who ate meat today should in turn perform a charitable or sacrificial act to make up for it.

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