Closure of busy Appleton intersection has nearby residents concerned

The intersection of Richmond Street, and Ridgeview Drive closed to traffic, as construction of a Round A Bout is being built, July 16, 2017. (WLUK)

APPLETON (WLUK) -- No access signs along Richmond Street in Appleton have been up since early June as a roundabout is being built at the intersection of Richmond and Northland Avenue.

However, the closure is causing quite the headache for residents who live off west Ridgeview Drive.

The residential street is being used as an undesignated detour for drivers.

Residents like Mike Erschnig say traffic has been constant, "You have to be real careful when you back out of your driveway, because cars are just speeding through here."

He says in addition to speeding, trucks and semis are also passing through what is normally a quiet street.

"We got trucks that can't find their way to the alley behind the shopping mall, and they're driving through here trying to find a way to turn around," continued Erschnig.

The Appleton Police Department was not available for an on-camera interview.

In a statement about how the department is addressing complaints police say:

"The Appleton Police Department has increased patrols in the area and ask those who don't have a need to be in the area to take a different route to get to their destination by following the appropriate (posted) detours."

But some don't seem to mind the traffic.

"It really doesn't matter, it's just a little bit more than it was, it was just real quiet, but I know that in a of couple months it's going to change," said Elmer Marx, who lives in the neighborhood.

Marx said as they wait for the construction to wrap up, he has one request for drivers, "Just be careful, keep the speed limit down."

Construction is expected to end Sept. 1.

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