Appleton ranked second most fit city in America, by Fitbit

Downtown Appleton on Wednesday, May 17, 2017. (WLUK/Alexa Santos)

APPLETON (WLUK) -- Fitbit, a company that makes fitness tracking devices, announced this week that two cities in the area have stepped their way to the top.

Both Appleton and Green Bay have been recognized for having fit habits.

Appleton has been recognized as being the second most fit city in the country, and also for being the number one city for the most daily steps taken.

Green Bay was recognized for being the number two city for the most daily steps taken.

Appleton's ranking as one of America's fittest cities wasn't necessarily expected.

Chad Doran, with the City of Appleton, said, "We're a little surprised by the fact that we're right there at the top, especially when you think about all the communities that could be."

But many of its residents feel it was well-deserved.

Appleton resident Shawn Whitworth said, "I know there's a ton of people who really believe in fitness around here."

Fitbit released its annual rankings this week. The company says the data is based on things like daily steps, daily active minutes and resting heart rate.

Kari Arkens, Health & Fitness Director at the Appleton YMCA, said, "A lot of us are mindful of our steps throughout the day, and we look for opportunities to be more active."

Those who wear fitness trackers say hitting their goal numbers is also a big motivator for them.

Whitworth said, "It's that motivator, I can see when the last workout was, there's no forgetting -- the data's all there."

Whitworth has been wearing his fitness tracker for two years.

He says he can see why fitness trackers would inspire people in our area to be more active.

"Anything that motivates people to get out there is important," he said.

Arkens said, "I think the tide is starting to turn a little bit."

The importance of fitness is moving to the top of many people's minds.

Doran said, "Nationally, when people probably think of Wisconsin, they think of beer and cheese, and they're not necessarily wrong by any stretch of the imagination. People are on that healthy trend. We've realized that obesity has become a huge problem in our country."

Arkens said, "More and more people are definitely committing to fitness."

Which is a trend City of Appleton officials say they can get on board with.

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