Appleton police looking for suspects in graffiti spree

Graffiti found in Appleton. Courtesy: Appleton Police Department

APPLETON (WLUK) -- A graffiti spree in Appleton has police are looking for more information on two suspects.

Graffiti reading the letters "KOZ" popped up in several locations around the south side of Appleton this week.

Sgt. Dave Lund with the Appleton Police Dept. said, "It was very widespread, a lot of monetary damage as a result of their actions."

Police are now looking for more information on two individuals... who could potentially face criminal charges.

Lund said, "The individuals involved seemed to have gotten very out of hand with what they were up to."

Police say the graffiti has been found on both public and private properties, but either way, city ordinances say that all graffiti needs to be removed within 48 hours.

"We need to go back to them and tell them they need to remove the graffiti from their property, even though they weren't responsible for that," Lund said, regarding individuals whose private property was tagged with graffiti.

Much of that graffiti had been cleaned up by Friday, but some spray paint did remain in some places near Woodland Park.

Lund said, "It's very unfair to the public and the private individuals who get this."

Appleton police say the damage from this graffiti is quite significant compared to other instances in the past, and that this behavior will not be tolerated.

Appleton police say if you recognize the suspects, give them a call.

The number is (920)832-5500.

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