Appleton Area School District gives students safety reminder after incident

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APPLETON (WLUK) -- As students in Appleton returned to class Monday, safety was top of mind.

It comes four days after three people were arrested for allegedly having guns and ammunition on Appleton East High School property.

In Monday morning's video announcements to Appleton East High School, principal Matthew Mineau had some safety reminders.

"We urge you students and staff to continue to recognize, and be mindful of things that might just be out of place once in a while here," Mineau said.

Because of the long Easter weekend, Monday was the first school day after Thursday's incident.

A school resource officer was suspicious of two suspects who didn't look familiar.

The officer then found a third suspect and two hand guns in an unregistered car outside.

Police say they believe the suspects came from the Wausau area to Appleton East to seek retaliation against a student.

Nan Bunnow, an assistant superintendent with the Appleton Area School District, said, "It worked out just as planned, with the (school resource officer) seeing something that looked suspicious, and following up immediately."

Since the suspects came to Appleton East after school hours on Thursday, the assistant superintendent says it may have been easier for them to get in with so many people coming and going.

Bunnow said, "They're coming in for practices, their coaches are coming in, kids are leaving, so the doors are open and closed. So that's where the visibility, and looking out for those things that don't seem right is very important."

Minneau said, "In the building, to not prop the doors, to keep the doors locked shut, do not open the doors for other individuals. This is a very important thing you can do, in addition to reporting things that are out of the ordinary."

The district says it tries to be proactive when it comes to avoiding incidents like this.

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