A look back at April 10, 2011 tornado outbreak


Monday morning's tornado, just west of Wausau, occurred on the sixth anniversary of another, more wide-spread tornado event in Wisconsin.

The April 10, 2011 tornado outbreak is likely still fresh in the minds of many residents of the Fox Valley.

Late in the evening of April 10, 2011, a round of severe storms swept through Wisconsin, leaving destruction in their wake.

The hardest hit community in our area was Kaukauna.

An EF-2 tornado spun through the city, packing winds up to 120 miles per hour along its 1.5 mile long path.

Twenty-eight homes and businesses sustained major damage, with another 162 suffering minor damage.

Estimates from the damage were more than $6 million.

The longest-tracked continuous tornado of the day was one that swept through Poy Sippi along its 14.9 mile path.

This EF-1 tornado destroyed 2 homes and caused serious damage to another 14 structures.

These tornadoes were just a few of the ten to sweep through the northeastern quadrant of the state, and 15 total in Wisconsin.

The 10 in our area are the most on record for a single day, regardless of month.

State-wide, the 15 tornadoes that touched down set a daily record for the month of April.

Thankfully, none of them were considered "violent", which is an EF-4 or higher.

But there was one EF-3 tornado, which tore through parts of Marathon and Lincoln counties.

This tornado reached up to a half mile wide at times and traveled more than 20 miles, producing winds up to 140 miles per hour.

Incredibly, there were no injuries or deaths reported in the wake of this tornado, nor were there any reported in the other tornadoes on that day.

An incredibly fortunate statistic after an incredible April day in Wisconsin's history.

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