Fond du Lac police are searching for a naked intruder

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FOND DU LAC - Residents of a Fond du Lac neighborhood are checking the locks on their doors and windows. All because of two startling run-ins, that may have you wanting to double-check your own.

The most recent incident happened early Wednesday morning. According to police a naked man broke into a home in the area of Dewberry Drive and Primrose Lane.

Officers said what makes the break in even more strange is the man did not steal or damage anything - and as FOX 11 found out, this may not be the neighborhood's first run in with a man who has so far re-buffed attempts to catch him.

"There's a lot of families around here with you kids, you know? This is a very nice neighborhood," said neighbor Paul Smestad.

But a lot of these neighbors are talking about something very strange that happened Wednesday morning.

"What I heard was he was heading up the stairs, naked, in a house that was occupied," Smestad told FOX 11.

Fond du Lac Assistant Police Chief Steve Klein told us you read right. A homeowner in the neighborhood woke up to find a naked stranger in his house.

Klein told us the naked man came in through an unlocked door, but the homeowner didn't let him stay long.

"Chased him out the front door and chased him for a short distance down the block," Klein explained.

According to Klein, something similar happened in the same neighborhood last month. A woman was up in the middle of the night and heard her front door opening and closing. She went outside to investigate.

"Saw a naked male that was hiding behind a car. She confronted the individual, asked him what he was doing. He said he was going for a walk," Klein described.

The suspect in both cases is described as a white man, age 20 to 30, 5'10" to 6'2", thin to medium build and short hair.

Klein told us it's unclear what this person is after.

"It's quite concerning when you have an individual who's going into a home in the middle of the night - while people are sleeping - and especially being naked," he said.

"Somebody that's a little, probably a little deranged, certainly not normal activity," added Smestad.

Wednesday afternoon police circled the neighborhood, telling people what happened. They advised neighbors to lock all windows and doors, leave security lights on and sleep near a phone.

"Everything's always locked here," said Smestad of his own home, saying it likely will be even after the suspect is found.

Police are also looking to see if these two cases are connected to a report they received around 2:30 a.m. Sunday where a white male was reported running naked south bound on Marr Street from the area of E. 9th St. The description of that suspect is slightly different, he is described as in his 40s, with thinning hair.

If you have uncovered any information on these incidents you can call (920) 322-3740.