Following up with the Appleton Wednesday Farm Market

Appleton Wednesday Farm Market

APPLETON - On Saturday mornings you'll find downtown Appleton crowded for the farm market, butthis summer, the city is giving Wednesday night a try too.

Appleton Downtown Incorporated started the Wednesday Farm Market, because customers asked for it.

"The Wednesday's a great option for when I'm out of town on Saturdays like I was last weekend. I really like that they're providing another place where farmers can sell directly to customers," said Fanny Lau.

"I think it's cool that they have one during the week, because I think it's convenient as well," said Alexander Hunt.

All Seasons Coffee House is one of about 30 to 50 Wednesday vendors.

"It's a start for us to get our name out there a little more," said owner Liz Stuck, who explained her business is in its first year too.

Stuck told FOX 11 she couldn't get a spot during the Saturday market, so she jumped on Wednesday.

So are people stopping to shop?

"Some [nights] have been a little quiet. Tonight's been good. They've been having some fun events that I think help," said Stuck.

"Varies on different days. We're still in the early stages, it's still a brand-new baby of ours," said farm market director Djuanna Hugdahl.

Hugdahl told us there have been challenges, especially with rain the first few weeks.

"The ground was wet. So that's, you know, working those little kinks out, shifting vendors so they weren't standing in mud puddles," she explained.

The market is located a block off College Avenue. Stuck told us a change in location might be a good idea in the future.

"This is kind of a funny little street. I'm not sure if it was on the avenue a little more, if that would make a difference?" said Stuck.

Hugdahl told us she wants to continue the Wednesday market in the coming years. She said there will be evaluations to see what might be done differently in the future.

"There may be some things that we're missing, more entertainment? But we'll assess that more at the end of market," explained HUgdahl.

Customers said for now it's a good way to spend a Wednesday night.

"Something to do, enjoy the nice weather while we can!" said Hunt.

The week night Farm Market runs from 3:30 to 7:30 Wednesday evenings through September 24th.