Firefighters demonstrate dangers of fireworks

Firefighters demonstrate dangers of fireworks

FOND DU LAC - Fireworks are a traditional part of many Fourth of July celebrations. While they are fun to watch, they can also be very dangerous.

The Fond du Lac Fire Department held a special consumer fireworks safety demonstration Tuesday.

Crews put fireworks in vegetables to show just how explosive fireworks can be.

Authorities urge residents to leave fireworks in the hands of the professionals.

"We hope that people will see that, just how dangerous these things can be. And we want them to have a safe Fourth of July holiday, but we want them to watch fireworks at a public display,” Fond du Lac Fire Chief Peter O’Leary.

The most recent data on fireworks injuries comes from 2011. That's when 9,600 people were hurt, according to the National Fire Protection Agency.