Few issues at Fisk Park with return of basketball rims

Basketball rims removed from Fisk Park (WLUK)

GREEN BAY - A FOX 11 Followup on the return of hoops at a popular park.

It's been about a month since workers put nets back up at Green Bay's Fisk Park. And police say, few problems have been reported.

Last summer, police took down the rims, citing fights and vandalism. But the city decided to give people a second chance.

Police say they've had minor complaints about parking and littering.

Officers have responded to one fight that happened off the court.

Those who play tell FOX 11 they are looking after each other to make sure behavior is appropriate.

"Whenever there is something going on I'm like do you guys really think this is the best thing to do? It's a game you don't need to fight over it," said Jade Sutrick of Green Bay.

"We've had police presence there pretty regularly, but it's just been more of a role just to monitor see what's going on and we've gotten out of the car, we've met people that are playing ball and that's worked out nice," said Green Bay Police Capt. Bill Bongle.

"Fisk is the main park in Green Bay where everyone can actually play. So If everyone plays at Fisk people get to know each socialize and just get to know each other," said Jatrele Irons of Green Bay.

Police say they've developed community partnerships to encourage people to change their behaviors.

If crime returns, police have the authority to remove them again.

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