Emergency water conservation notice issued for Green Bay area

A Green Bay Water Utility logo on a department truck. (WLUK/Eric Peterson)

GREEN BAY - The Green Bay Water Utility has issued an emergency water conservation notice.

Water utility officials need to repair one of the city's two incoming water transmission lines.

People in Green Bay, Ashwaubenon, Hobart, and the Town of Scott are being asked to limit water use. That request starts at 12:01 Saturday morning.

During emergency conservation periods, customers are asked NOT to:

  • Water lawns

  • Spray water on or wash sidewalks, driveways, windows, patios, etc.

  • Fill or refill any and all swimming pools, ponds, or hot tubs.

  • Wash vehicles, trailers or boats for non-commercial purposes, except from a bucket.

  • Use water for dust control

  • Operate outdoor cooling systems, except for necessary health reasons or for the safety of livestock

Customers are also encouraged to delay washing loads of laundry, if possible.

There is no way to enforce the requests, but water utility officials hope people will follow them, despite the recent dry conditions.

“It's not the ideal time, you're absolutely right, but we wanted to do it on a weekend when demands were down, so we're trying to give them enough notice, so if they wanted to water their lawns they can do that on Friday,” said Nancy Quirk, the general manager of Green Bay Water Utility.

Water utility officials hope the restrictions only last through the weekend, but are leaving it open-ended incase anything happens.