Electric vehicle charging station opens in Sturgeon Bay

Electric vehicle charging station opens in Sturgeon Bay

STURGEON BAY - Door County is encouraging the use of electric vehicles.

The first electric vehicle charging station opened Wednesday at the Door County welcome center in Sturgeon Bay.

The hope is that just having the one station that allows two cars to recharge at once will encourage more visitors.

Door County tourism officials hope it persuades businesses to install their own charging stations.

"My vision is to one day have them in every community, a few of them in every community to be able to while you're driving, while you're shopping, while you're sleeping to be able to plug in your electric vehicle and charge it while you're doing those things,” said Door County Visitor Bureau Director Jack Moneypenny.

Moneypenny said three other free charging stations will soon be available. One will be in Egg Harbor, the other two in Ephraim.