Egg art celebrates Egg Harbor's history

A worker places artist Sally Everhardus' decorated egg "Screaming Turtle" on a stand, May 19, 2014, in Egg Habor. The egg is one of 50 to be displayed throughout Egg Harbor to commemorate its 50th year as a village. (WLUK/Eric Peterson)

EGG HARBOR - A summer-long celebration is getting underway in the Door County community of Egg Harbor.

Fifty eggs commemorating 50 years as a village, "Egg-stravangaza" will go on display throughout the downtown. A copper-clad shell called "Guard Duty" will sit in front of the Egg Harbor Village Hall.

The village's public arts committee has been working on the project for three years.

"The eggs go up this week. They'll be all on display Memorial Day weekend. They'll be on display everyday until Aug. 23," said T.C. Johnson, Public Arts Committee Chairman.

The eggs stand about two feet tall, and sit on four-foot-tall metal stands. Workers put the finishing touches on the displays Monday morning.

"It's truly an egg-citing season for Egg Harbor," said Kathleen Mand Beck, Dovetail Gallery & Studio Owner.

The artists have been working on the eggs all winter long.

"They all started out with the same basic white form, and transposed them into all these wonderful pieces of artwork," said Beck.

Kathleen Mand Beck's piece is called "Journey into Sunset."

"I made 120 beads on the nest, and have put them on a copper wire nest," said Beck.

"The various mediums, steel, ceramic, paint, fiber, we've got a Packer egg here," said Tom Prohl, Egg Harbor artist.

Tom Prohl teamed up with a friend to make his first major art project called "Copper Connection."

"There's a good 200-250 hours in this one," said Prohl.

The eggs will be placed throughout the village, promoting Egg Harbor, and the arts.

"It is, it is awesome, and really this represents what art is all about. Is that there are 50 eggs, and there are no two that are the same," said Prohl.

And as crews put the first egg in its place, organizers say the work was, well, eggs-cellent.

"Even better than I thought. It's amazing what the artists have done. It's amazing," said Johnson.

The eggs will be auctioned off in August. The proceeds will go to the artists, and the village, to buy more art.