Drug charge filed against man suspected of sexually assaulting baby

Derek Gates (Photo source: Brown Co. Jail)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) – A misdemeanor drug possession charge has been filed against the suspect in the sexual assault of a child – but no charges have been filed yet in the assault case.

Derek Gates first appeared in court July 31 after being arrested on suspicion of sexual assault due to injuries suffered by an 11-month-old girl. A $50,000 cash bond was set, but no charges were filed.

Gates appeared in court again earlier this week, when a possession of THC count was filed. The bond was reduced from $50,000 cash to $250, according to court records.

As of Friday morning, Gates remained in the Brown County jail, according to jail records.

While no charges have ever been filed against Gates in connection with the sexual assault, the case remains open.

The Brown County District Attorney’s office released this statement:

This case is still under investigation, including further work being performed by the crime lab. Without commenting on this case directly, in all such situations, when all the evidence is received, we then need to make a determination to see if we have sufficient evidence beyond reasonable doubt that a crime was committed and who committed the crime.

Gates returns to court Oct. 3 on the drug count for a final pre-trial conference.

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