DOT warns of traffic troubles this weekend

Memorial Day traffic will be busy in Brown County this weekend.

GREEN BAY - If you're taking a road trip this Memorial Day weekend, be warned: Lane closures around our area could lead to big back-ups.

Construction may slow down this weekend.

“For safety and efficiency we always stop construction at Friday noon and we don't start again until Tuesday morning,” said Mark Kantola with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

But the orange barrels will remain. So, the Department of Transportation says drivers still need to slow down.

“Rear-end collisions happen fast if you're not paying attention, especially if you're in a construction zone. Like on US 41, where you have the really close embankment next to you, or the really short merge lanes from one road to another. All it takes is one second of diverting your attention to hit someone in front of you,” said Kantola.

Aside from the 41 construction zone, it's down to one lane where I-43 and 172 meet, which could cause backups if you're headed to Door County.

“We actually just put a second electronic messaging board out there to alert drivers if there is a backup,” said Kantola.

Some drivers headed to Door County are avoiding that intersection.

“I live on the east side over by UWGB, so it won't be too hard to get out. It'll be alright,” said Joe Drager of Green Bay.

While others say they're avoiding the roads all together.

“Probably going to stay home because I work out of town and I want to spend the weekend with my kids,” said Carlos Palacios of De Pere.

But he might be one of the few staying home. AAA has predicted this Memorial Day weekend will be the busiest on the roads in 10 years.

Need help planning your way out of town? The DOT has up to the minute updates on closures and delays all across the state.