Documents released about Officer Derek Wicklund

This still frame is taken from a cellphone video of an incident between a Green Bay police officer and a citizen, April 18, 2014.

GREEN BAY - FOX 11 is learning more about the Green Bay police officer in a now viral cell phone video.

Officer Derek Wicklund is being investigated for possibly using excessive force outside the bars on Washington Street last month.

New information reveals several people complained in the past few years about Officer Wicklund using excessive force.

The Green Bay Police Department's internal investigations concluded that Wicklund acted appropriately.

After the cell phone video of that April arrest went viral on social media, FOX 11’s Ben Krumholz had a handful of people contact him about encounters they had with Officer Wicklund. They all wanted to remain anonymous.

FOX 11 put in an open records request to the city in an effort to bring you the facts.

Before the arrest video was shot in April, Officer Wicklund had already been investigated for using excessive force five times.

The records request shows Wicklund has had 14 formal complaints filed against him since April 2006.

The city provided FOX 11 with the documents for 13 of the complaints. The case that wasn't released still needs to be approved by another officer who was involved.

Of the five excessive force complaints, the first was in April 2006. A woman complained Wicklund injured her back while she was being arrested. The department said Wicklund's actions were appropriate.

The next was in April of 2007. A woman says Wicklund caused bruises to her arm when handcuffing her and placing her in a squad car. From the documents FOX 11 received, it’s unclear what the outcome was of the complaint.

The third case in September 2009, the owner of Vicenzi's Nightclub complained Wicklund was pushing people for no reason. The investigation found there wasn't enough evidence to prove or disprove the allegations. However, police said they believed more evidence likely would have led to an arrest of the bar owner for giving false statements.

The fourth case was from February 2013. A woman claimed Wicklund punched a man 10 times in the arm to wake him up. Police said Wicklund did nothing wrong.

The fifth case, from July of last year, a man claimed Wicklund injured his ribs while throwing him on a squad car. Wicklund was cleared in that case as well.

The eight complaints not related to excessive force were for various things, including rudeness, false accusations, and harassment.

One of the complaints against Wicklund was from within the department. Police say he went into a secure area of the evidence room. Wicklund said he was trying to get something he accidently dropped inside the room. Police ruled Wicklund violated department policy, but did not take any disciplinary action.

Of the documents FOX 11 received, some showed Officer Wicklund defended his actions.

Officer Wicklund could have objected to the release of the documents. However, he chose not to.

Captain Bill Galvin told FOX 11 the police department wouldn't have anyone available to comment on this story Thursday night.

As for the investigation into the viral cell phone video, police do not have a timeline for when it will be complete.

Right now the Department of Justice is looking over Green Bay's internal investigation.