Democrats challenge residency of De Pere lawmaker

State Sen. Frank Lasee, R-De Pere (Wis. Legis.)

Wisconsin Democrats are accusing a Republican state legislator from De Pere of living outside his district.

Democrats have filed a complaint with the state's Government Accountability Board about State Senator Frank Lasee.

Lasee has represented the 1st Senate District since 2011 and also served in the state Assembly. He represented the 2nd Assembly District from 1995 to 2009.

The State Senate Democratic Committee says Lasee and his family live outside of his district at a home they own in Racine.

Lasee is running for re-election this year. He issued this statement:

"This is a frivolous complaint filed by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin designed to bully my family and take voters’ attention away from the issues that are most important to them, moving the economy forward, lowering taxes and improving the lives of working families.

In typical liberal fashion, rather than run on the issues important to the people of the First Senate District, the Democrat party and my opponent are attempting to use another intimidation tactic designed to take attention away from the real issues of today.  My opponent, a teacher’s union president, who led recalls, protests and the picketing of homes of legislators throughout Northeastern Wisconsin in an attempt to intimidate us in 2011 because of government union reforms are at it again.

I live at 1645 Swan Rd, DePere, in the town of Ledgeview, which is in the First Senate District. My children go to public schools also located in the First Senate District. I have a record of working hard for my constituents, passing laws that make their lives and the lives of their family’s better, providing information and working to solve state government issues that matter to them. I look forward to working for them again, should they decide to honor me with another term.”