Crash near train tracks leads to OWI arrest

Kyle Sydor (Oconto Co. Sheriff's Dept.)

OCONTO - An Oconto man was arrested for operating while intoxicated after a crash near a set of railroad tracks.

Police say the crash happened around 8:15 p.m. Thursday at the intersection of Pecor St. and Broadway Ave.

Kyle Sydor, 25, was headed south of Broadway Ave. in his pickup truck, police say. A train was also headed south on tracks parallel to Broadway Ave. Sydor turned left onto Pecor St. in front of the train and hit a car that was stopped on Pecor St. and waiting for the train to pass. The pickup truck rolled over several times, coming to a stop on the east side of the train tracks.

Sydor was taken to the hospital for treatment; when he was released, police arrested him. A 21-year-old woman who was riding in the pickup truck was taken to a hospital in Green Bay. The driver of the car was treated and released at the scene.

Sydor has been charged with OWI, injury by intoxicated use of a vehicle and causing great bodily harm by reckless driving.