Clintonville City Council votes to keep administator on leave

Clintonville City Administrator Lisa Kotter (City of Clintonville)

CLINTONVILLE - Clintonville City Council members came out of closed session Tuesday night divided.

They referred to a labor attorney the decision of whether City Administrator Lisa Kotter misused city funds for family vacations while on work trips.

Kotter spoke to FOX 11 after the meeting.

“I spoke tonight under the citizen's forum asking the city council to return me to my city administrator's position and I will continue to wait to see what's next,” Kotter said.

“Obviously, a little disappointed tonight?” asked FOX 11’s Kelly Schlicht.

“Yes, obviously, because I had indicated to them that it's been two weeks that they've been paying me to stay home and do my job. I'd like to do my job,” said Kotter.

FOX 11 wanted to ask the city council president for comment on the decision; however, she would not go into details.

“The motion was made to refer this personnel matter to the city's labor attorney for further action and that passed six to four,” said Clintonville City Council President Jeannie Schley.

FOX 11 asked her how long that would take.

“I'm not sure. She will remain on the administrative leave,” Schley responded.

Earlier in the day, FOX 11 sat down with Clintonville Mayor Judith Magee. Magee said to her knowledge, Kotter's trips had seemed legitimate.

“She’s been here 17 years and she's been on eight trips. She could have gone on 17. And those are being misconstrued that she took her family on vacation, paid for by the city. And that is not true. We have all the receipts from the hotels and the convention centers,” said Magee.

Kotter will remain on paid leave until a decision is made.

The city says the investigation has cost roughly $10,000. Kotter has been on paid leave since May 13.