Chilton students forced to re-take AP exams

chilton high

CHILTON - The school year may be ending but dozens of students at Chilton High School will need to re-take their Advanced Placement exams.

Here are the facts: District leaders say their investigation found five students cheated on the exams.

They say the guidance counselor who was supposed to watch the students admitted he left the room during the tests.

The College Board, which oversees the testing, also found that the students were sitting too close together during the tests. And some were facing each other. That goes against the College Board's rules.

In a statement to FOX 11, College Board spokesman Jason Baran said students "were not seated appropriately according to the test administration and security guidelines provided to testing coordinators in advance of the exam. As a result, the decision was made to invalidate the scores."

The statement goes on the say, "while these occurrences are rare, we understand how disappointing this decision is to the many students who worked hard to prepare for their AP Exams."

As a result, the 75 students who took AP tests in the Community Room will have to take the tests again.

Some parents aren't very happy about that. In an email to district leaders, one parent wrote "The situation is beyond appalling!!" and the way it's being handled " unacceptable..."

In her response to the parent, Superintendent Claire Martin apologized saying, "I would do just about anything to erase these circumstances..."

FOX 11 wanted to speak with Martin about the situation at Chilton High School but the superintendent refused our repeated requests for an on camera interview. Martin did speak with us off-camera and provided FOX 11 with two letters she sent to parents.

In one letter she says the district "takes full responsibility for this situation." She blamed the seating issue on an "...oversight..."

Martin says the guidance counselor, Phil Graebel, resigned last Friday. FOX 11 reached out to Graebel, who said he had no comment.

Of the 75 students affected, five decided not to re-take the exams. Re-takes for the other 70 started this week. Those 70 students will re-take a total of 128 exams.

Each re-take will cost $45.

In her letter, Martin admits that "In its negligence, the District failed students..."

The district will pick up the tab for the re-takes. That means taxpayers will foot the $5,760 bill.

The Chilton School Board will hold a special closed session meeting Friday at 10 a.m. to discuss the situation. The district has also scheduled meeting for parents Tuesday night.