Businesses cash in by offering deals for dads on Father's Day

Some dads are celebrating Father's Day at the NEW Zoo

SUAMICO -It's Father's Day and today dads are being honored and celebrated.

Some local businesses are also cashing in on the holiday.

"How many are fathers today," asks a NEW Zoo employee.

"Two of them," says a woman waiting to pay.

Dads get in for free at the NEW Zoo in Suamico.

"We just thought it was a great idea just to come out and maybe see some animals," said Roosevelt Wells.

But moms and kids still have to pay to get inside.

"It's a good price. It's worth it," said Angie Wells.

It seems the free admission is a hit with more than 300 dads visiting the zoo before noon.

In that short amount of time the zoo says it raked in almost $4,000.

Green Bay Botanical Garden is also letting dads in for free.

"Not only does it bring in fathers, it brings in entire families so it brings in more people than it usually would," said Kendra Johnson with Green Bay Botanical Garden.

The Jeanquart family always looks forward to the free Father's Day event.

"It encourages us to come and there is that incentive to come and visit on these holidays. We've been doing this as a family tradition now for the last eight or nine years," said Cary Jeanquart.

Just a few miles down the road in Howard, it's hard to find an empty seat inside Townline Pub & Grill.

"Today we're giving away free Bloody Marys and draft beer for the fathers," Luke LeSage, restaurant manager.

The customers aren't passing up these freebies.

"I got the Bloody Mary," said Fred Schaefer.

"They have a very good Bloody Mary," said Scott May

The restaurant's manager says Father's Day can bring in up to 800 people.

Despite the free drinks, some families are spending money on food.

"They do buy the buffet and a couple other things like appetizers and all that," LeSage.

But Fred Schaefer says Father's Day isn't about how much money you spend.

"Being with my children is the most important part," Schaefer said.

People are still spending money this holiday.

But Father's Day falls short when compared to Mother's Day.

The National Retail Federation estimates consumers spend $12.5 while Mother's Day brings in almost $20 billion.