Brown County Breakfast on the Farm attracts thousands

Breakfast on the Farm. (WLUK/Pafoua Yang)

GREENLEAF (WLUK) -- After nearly being canceled this year, the Brown County Breakfast on the Farm instead attracted thousands of guests to the annual event.

When the Gerrits family of Greenleaf heard that the event could could be canceled this year, they made an immediate decision.

"We were out to dinner for my brothers birthday", Megan Geritts said. " My dad got a call from Tom and he asked 'hey did you want to do Breakfast on the Farm?' My dad brought it to our attention and my dad was like 'alright kids, lets do it!'"

Megan's uncle, Tom Gerrits, also the co-owner of Country Aire Farms, said it was an event that just couldn't be canceled.

"There are so many opportunity for the youth today if they want to pursue agriculture and that's the main reason why we decided to hold the event."

This year's Breakfast on the Farm attracted thousands of visitors. It's a chance to see what life on the farm is like, and how the work here puts food on your table. Megan says the decision to participate wasn't only about the education and fun.

"I knew if my grandpa was here he would have never let it not be able to happen, so my dad and Tom stepped up and said 'hey we're going to have this."

Nicole Nohl, Brown County Dairy Promotions says after months of struggling to find a host, they were delighted to find out the Gerrits family wanted to help out.

"They were looking for the tradition to continue and to support agriculture in Brown County."

The last minute decision meant the Gerrits family only had three months to plan, and had to be made from their usual 22-hour-a-day milking process.

"We switched up the routes with the cows being milked. They might be a little startled, but I think everything is good, everything is fine", Megan said.

The family says it's not their first time hosting an event like this, and it may not be their last. Organizers say the money raised by Breakfast on the Farm events helps fund agriculture education programs throughout the county.

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