Boats destroyed in Sturgeon Bay marina fire

Fire at Quarterdeck Marina in Door County 8/25/14. Picture Courtesy of Dan Schott.

STURGEON BAY - A couple of boats up for sale in Door County are now off the market.

That's because the boats docked at SkipperBud's Quarterdeck Marina went up in flames Monday night.

As marina staff members wash away blackened wooden panels, the smell of fire still lingers in the air.

"I was running over there and I stumbled though the ditch and went to the other side at the same time I was talking to 911 and dropped my phone. I got a bunch of pictures," said Daniel Schott.

Schott lives in Sturgeon Bay. He says when he picked his phone back up, he saw a lot of smoke and flames around 7 o'clock Monday night.

"I would say the flames on first boat, which was the biggest fire, was probably 15 feet high," said Daniel Schott.

The 44 foot yacht, named Mary Kay, belongs to the Clarks.

"We were shocked," said Tom Clark.

Clark says his boat was for sale.

"That's why it was at SkipperBud's so they could show it," Clark said.

With a $120,000 price tag, his wasn't the only boat that went up in flames.

"It started on the Mary Kay and then leapfrogged onto the boat next to it and then to a third one," said Chief Arleigh Porter, Sturgeon Bay Police.

Porter says surveillance video is giving more information on how the fire started.

"About 7 p.m. we start to see smoke coming out of a vent on the starboard side of the vessel Mary Kay," Porter said.

Clark's boat and another boat were up for sale.

"The fire appears to be accidental," Porter said.

For now the charred boats will stay on land while officials continue their investigation into the cause of the fire.

Officials estimate the fire caused about $400,000 worth of damage.

About $20,000 of damage was done to the marina.