Black bears spotted in Shawano

This black bear was found in a tree in Shawano Thursday, May 29, 2014.

SHAWANO - If you live in Shawano County, watch out. Bears might be wandering into your yard or even up your trees.

“I thought oh ho ho man, this is something else!” said Mike Carriveau, from his driveway.

Neighbors lined Green Bay Street in Shawano, their eyes to the skies.

But it wasn't a bird nestled high in this tree.

"First one for a bear,” said a man taking video on his camcorder.

It was a year-old black bear.

“I was sitting in my lawn chair and I look across the street and all of a sudden there's a bear across the street. The dogs started barking and it ran and kind of crawled up it. And he's been there ever since,” said Carriveau.

Tracy Young said she's stunned to have a creature like this in her front yard.

“Came out here and there's a bear in the tree!” said Young.

She came outside for a look after her son spotted it.

“When my dogs were barking at it, I saw something climb up the tree,” said her six-year-old son, Jace, who had let his mother know what was in the tree.

This tree in downtown Shawano isn't the only place a bear has been spotted in the past few days.

“We were heading east into Cecil and I saw this big black blob go across the road I was like, ‘Amy! I think that was a bear that just crossed the road,’ you know?" said Adam Bieber.

Bieber shot video of a bear on his cell phone. As he campaigned for sheriff door to door, his trail crossed paths with this black bear just after eight Wednesday evening.

“It just kind of moseyed along by the houses so we started following it along,” said Bieber.

But the Department of Natural Resources says it's best to leave bears alone.

“This time of year we've got all the yearlings, the young ones. The moms are chasing them away so they're kind of lost. They don't know what to do and they keep coming into town because they're hungry,” said DNR Conservation Warden Jim Horne.

The DNR said the bear came down from the tree in Shawano at around 7 p.m. Thursday.

The bear has wandered off. The DNR thinks it has left town for good.

Wardens request homeowners bring in bird feeders at night to take away food sources for the bears.