Bellin run preps in full swing ahead of race day

Bellin Run Preps

GREEN BAY - On your mark, get set... for the 38th annual Bellin Run.

Race day is Saturday, and ahead of the 10K event, which winds through parts of Green Bay and Allouez, preparations are in full swing.

Workers are setting up gates, putting up signs, and doing some heaving lifting.

"Turning a city park into the entire infrastructure for a massive run," explained Bellin Run Executive Director Randy Van Straten.

It's no small task to get ready for the 6.2 mile event. Preparations for the run began Monday.

"We are nearing the end of setup. So that's the fun part of this is getting it set, ready to go, and then it's just a matter of opening it up to the community," said Van Straten.

Jacques LeDuc is with a crew from Boston that comes in every year to help with the Bellin.

"Laboring you know things that need to be moved. Benches, barricades, tables, set up, behind the scenes set up," said Jacques LeDuc with DMSE Sports.

LeDuc describes himself as a pre-race laborer, and a race day crowd mover.

"I'm on a scissor lift, and I have a small PA system, and I just rah rah the runners as they come across the line."

Race Director Randy Van Straten says setup is ahead of schedule this year. However, registration is slipping behind last year's record 20 thousand participants.

"We're right about 17 thousand," said Van Straten. "Every time the race falls later in June, now this is the latest it can be, our numbers seem to decline a little bit. And I think that is due to summer activities going on."

As race day preps continue, Bellin Run officials say the event can't go on without its lifeblood: Volunteers. And right now, they're short of help.

"We could use about 100 more volunteers, especially out on the course," Van Straten explained.

Van Straten says it takes about 1200 volunteers to make the run happen.

Carol Fredrickson has stepped up for years.

"Cleaning up, setting up tables and cleaning up," said Fredrickson.

Race officials are confident they'll have enough volunteers by Saturday.

And if you're considering it, hear what Fredrickson has to say about the experience.

"It's just so much fun and it's exciting and you feel this, this major electricity and excitement going on all over the grounds," said Fredrickson.

FOX 11 has a special page devoted to the Bellin Run. There you can find a course map, and a photo gallery which includes pictures from previous years.

There's also a link to the race's website, where you can register to run. Just click here.

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