Officials waiting for results after human remains found in Shawano Co.

Authorities in Shawano County investigate a report of human remains found near Hwy 29 and MMM.

RICHMOND - The Shawano County Sheriff's Office is investigating the discovery of human remains.

"As with any situation as this, the case is being handled as a possible homicide at this time," said Sheriff Randall Wright.

FOX 11's been following the story since Saturday night.

The Shawano County sheriff said a call came in around 5:30 p.m.

Deputies responded to a wooded area in the town of Richmond.

A group of young adults found the remains. However, few details are being released at this time - leaving many unanswered questions.

We do know, authorities spent hours Saturday and Sunday scouring the scene located in the town of Richmond.

That's along County Highway MMM west of Shawano and now neighbors shared their thoughts about the incident.

"It really scared us. I mean, I never lock my doors but I'm going to tonight," said Carol Vania.

"It happened so close to home," said Rochelle Doxtator.

Residents said not a lot of people use the road where the remains were found.

"Hardly at all…maybe…this is not exact but maybe like two people a week take that walk up there," said John Quinn.

Quinn lives just up the road from the unusual discovery.

"They [investigators] all had their lights on at the beginning, and then I think it started attracting people. People started standing on this corner watching so then it got real dark," Quinn said.

But Quinn adds, he's not worried and feels his neighborhood is safe.

Detectives returned to the scene Sunday morning looking for more clues.

"The remains, artifacts, and evidence have been sent for a forensic exam and autopsy to the Wisconsin Crime Lab," Sheriff Wright said.

But the sheriff's brief press conference left many questions unanswered.

"People are saying it might be a missing person," Doxtator said.

Rochelle Doxtator wonders if it could be Heather Szekeres.

She disappeared last summer after visiting a bar downtown Shawano.

FOX 11 asked Sheriff Randall Wright if the remains belonged to Szekeres but he would not comment.

"It hit really hard, that could be your son. That could be your mom," Doxtator said.

A hard truth that may soon bring closure to a family looking for a loved one who disappeared.

Authorities said they will not be releasing any further information until results of the forensic examinations come back.