Assisted living center holds 'Senior Prom'

Senior Prom

BELLEVUE - For the residents of Century Ridge, it was a ‘Starry Night’ for Senior Prom.

The assisted living center hosted prom for its residents for a second straight year.

“I love to watch people dance,” said Betty Rybicki, a resident. “I used to love to dance myself.”

Rybicki never had the chance to attend prom when she was younger.

“I didn't go to high school,” said Rybicki. “I just went as far as 8th grade. See, I'm 96.”

This was the first prom together for Elle and Nancy Dahlke, even though they've been together since high school.

“There was a difference in age, so we didn't hit the same years for high school,” said Nancy Dahlke.

While not many of the residents were on the dance floor, the event is something they had been preparing for, including picking out an outfit, and possibly even a date.

“Just it's fun for the people,” said Carol Brazeau, the owner of Century Ridge. “They enjoy it a lot.”

“They have a good life here, but they're restricted living here as far as their activities,” said Lloyd Brazeau, owner of Century Ridge.

The prom goers say they enjoy the change of pace.

“I'll just say one thing, I love this place,” said Rybicki.