Ashwaubenon re-dedicates historic site


ASHWAUBENON - A memorial site dedicated to Chief Ashwaubomay was re-dedicated on the Fox River Saturday.

The new stone has a description of the chief's family history in the area.

After the ceremony, some area cub scouts helped clean up the shoreline by removing branches.

Ashwaubenon Village President Mike Aubinger gave a little history lesson on how the village of Ashwaubenon was supposed to be called Ashwaubomay.

"We were supposed to be called that, but the county spelled the name wrong in the records and it still exists today," Aubinger said. "So any of guys out there who think spelling isn't important, its lasted over 130 years with the wrong spelling."

New benches and a walking trail will be added near the memorial site, thanks to the Ashwaubenon Parks and Historical Society.